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This sheet is based on technical analysis of top 100 stocks listed on Indian Stock Exchange (NSE). First column of the sheet displays stock symbols and there on next column contains technical analysis of daily data.

Below are the columns used in sheet and their purpose:

Last 2 Days (Day to Day Comparison)

Volume, Delivery and Price: These columns display respective trends after comparitive analysis of last few day's data.

General Price Trend

Today - 200 Days: These columns display price trends of stocks strating from today to last 1 year.

Golden / Death Cross

Golden and Death Cross are well knows strategies used in technical analysis.

10 Days v/s 50 Days EMA: This column displays Golden or Death Cross Strategy for 10 and 50 days Exponential Moving Average(EMA) of stocks.

50 Days v/s 100 Days EMA: This column displays Golden or Death Cross Strategy for 50 and 100 days Exponential Moving Average(EMA) of stocks.

LTP v/s 50 Days EMA: Similar to Golden/Death Cross, this column displays if Last Traded Price(LTP) is crossing 50 Days EMA.

Range Breakout (30 Days): This column displays is stock is trading in range since last 3 days or it has breaked out.

Signal on Candle Pattern: This column displays the candlestick pattern made on last trading day and whether it was bulish signal or bearish based on data collected so far.


Based on data collected so far in above columns, there has been some rules put into the sheet to automatically identify if a particular stock is probable candidate for buying or selling. However, this should be kept in mind that this signal is only on technical basis and one should check the sentiments as well before going to buy any stock. Hence, we cannot directly buy or sell stocks based on this one signal.

PE Ratio, PIVOT, S1, R1: These column displays the Price to Earning ratio, PIVOT, First Resistance and Support of the stock. These columns will only populate if value of "Signal" column is not Neutral.

Disclaimer: This data is for information and learning purpose only. Please verify it with NSE/BSE.