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Travel: Uncover Extraordinary Experiences

By Manasi Amrale LinkedIn Logo Instagram Logo Last Updated: Jul 03, 2023

I haven’t been everywhere but it is on my list.– A popular travel quote!

There are multiple quotes which we frequently come across these days on various social media platforms ofcourse along with scenic photos perfectly capturing those magical moments.


There is a common conversation nowadays stating, are these travels over-hyped or is there a FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), if you do not keep updating your social media to showcase your travel experiences.

To each his own as there is no end to the perspectives and exposure individuals are bound to have. Here, I am giving my take on the magic, travel brings to my life.

Visiting new places, exploring the local cusines, experiencing the culture has always been an integral part of my travel experiences since childhood like many others. However this later developed into a hobby where I started becoming inquisitive about what could be my next unexplored experience ?

Will I be mesmerised by scenic beauty of a particular place or will I be able to do some kind of adventorous activity which I rarely do in my mundane routine or will I be just relaxing in some exotic location which brings in an immediate sense of calm?

I believe that sometimes it isn't only about reaching a destination, but also the journey which has many additional surprises for you to discover in your experience. You're learning to adapt in situations and with different types of people at times be more sympathetic towards those who are going through a difficult time, or simply move out of your comfort zone.

It's in turn adding to your personality, because every trip teaches you so much about life as a whole. The various perspectives help broaden your perspective, enabling you to accept and understand the world around you better.

In addition to touching the deeper aspects of your personality it is definitely a getaway from your mundane routine which helps you refocus and also enjoy and appreciate the biggest gift god has offered you called LIFE!

I will keep posting about my travel experiences to various locations across the globe in coming blogs. Until then again my favourite quote “Dare to live the life you always wanted!”

Stay tuned !! Emoji Smile