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Friendship Day 2023: Celebrating those who make life more fun

By Editorial Team Last Updated: Jul 28, 2023

A friend can lift our spirits and pull us out of depression when things turn bad in life. So, friendship is the very essence of one's life. That is why we have a celebration of friendship day.

Some may ask the question, Why is Friendship Day celebrated? The answer is easy: we should remind ourselves that with good friends around us, it is so much easier to live. They are the ones to deal with our dramatic mood swings, such as when we engaged in a fight with an ex. And they're the ones who make us laugh until our stomachs hurt, like when we tried to dance to Bollywood songs after a few drinks.

It is our friends who make this life more intriguing and entertainment, from the crazy nights out to the injokes that aren't understood by anyone. They are the ones who can handle drunken rage, never judge us for our peculiarity, and always have their support no matter what. So, it is important to make our best friends feel special on Friendship Day, because we usually don't show our love or care about them.

Guru Purnima


The first International Day of Friendship was marked in 1958, and by 2011 the UN General Assembly formally proclaimed it to be an international day of friendship. In many countries, apart from India, a Sunday in August is also celebrated as Friendship Day.


It wasn't until the proposal of the World Friendship Crusade that the idea for a first friendship day came to mind. This was delivered to me on August 2, 1930 by a woman named Joyce Hall, creator of the Hallmark Card Company. Before that, in 1920 the National Association of Greeting Cards attempted to promote it by making an annual celebration of friendship a marketing strategy for their cards. That idea, however, did not work out.


According to the United Nations, promoting world peace and social harmony is possible by holding an International Day of Friendship. A few of the challenges, crises and divides threatening global peace, security, development and social cohesion include poverty, violence and violation of human rights. The common spirit of human solidarity, expressed in numerous ways but most importantly through friendship, needs to be promoted and upheld.

Gifts for your Friends

Personalised Pillows

This Friendship Day, a personalised pillow with your friend's name or picture on it will be a great gift idea. You may change the pillows according to their color, shape and size as you see fit.

Customised Coffee Mugs

A coffee mug will be an excellent option if you would like to give something of value that would work every day! You will find a variety of coffee mugs in different shapes, sizes and styles so that you can select someone according to their taste. For example, a mug of the marvel coffee would be very much appreciated if your friend is a fan of the marvel.

Friendship Bands

A friendship bracelet is one of the special gifts that you can give to your friend for Friendship Day; it is such a great gift, showing how much you love them. You'll be able to get the beads and charms you want, so long as they have a meaning for both of you!

Chocolate Boxes

This classic gift has been around for years because it is so easy and tasteful! All you need to do is buy some good chocolate for your friend's happiness and put it into a beautiful box, wrapped in wrapping paper or ribbon!